Gain muscle and lose weight

Fred-X is for Men over 50 seeking an edge in life, in business, and in sports

There's no fun and excitement in being less than you know you can be. Instead, become the CEO of your physical fitness.

Take control now. Seriously.

Boost your strength, your mind, your confidence, and your performance.

Fred-X is a 10X results program for busy men who seek a competitive edge by boosting mindset and fitness.

Fred Spring, Fred-X Founder

Strength Training for active adults

"You Can't Get Fit Over 50 with a Trainer Under 40" -Fred

About Fred-X

Fred-X is the new functional fitness model.

I customize each program for your abilities and for your physical state. I've trained and studied with the best.

As your certified personal trainer, I promise efficiency. I guarantee results. You simply commit to show up.

Join me: Free fitness bootcamps every Saturday at 830am - To find out which Atlanta public park - reach out to me directly.

Reverse Typical Aging Effects

Do you actually feel good about yourself?

Deep down, you know the truth.

It is well known that by age 50, adults lose 10% of muscle mass. Adults continue losing muscle and mobility each year. This trend can be reversed.

A functional fitness routine that includes strength training will help adults increase muscle mass, strength, function, and balance.

Functional training: exercises designed to mimic specific functions of your body to enhance performance and decrease your risk of injury.

Functional training increases your range of motion, elevating your flexibility and coordination because the exercises specialize in resistance.

Random vs. Custom

Want to build yourself into someone you can be truly proud of?

The Fred-X program is easier than you think.

It is your choice.

You can randomly throw weights around the gym for over an hour or even dabble in some cardio. Or, you can follow a systemized and strategic program created by experts and tested on thousands of people of all ages and sizes.

Contact me via hyperlink here to calendar to set up a complimentary consult. Let's discuss your goals.

Yes, there is an easier way to health and fitness vs. the random harder way.

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