You don't need 4+ hours/week in a gym to gain your fitness goals

Experts recommend 30+ minutes of moderate-intensity aerobics & muscle-strengthening actions 2-3 days a week.

The Fred-X program is geared for Men 50 years of age or older who desire customized personal training to gain strength, balance, and flexibility. Training sessions are efficient and effective - typically 40-45 mins.

Strength training increases metabolism & bone density. This advantage is especially important as we get older. Bones and muscles weaken with age, putting some adults at risk of falls and fractures. Resistance or weight-bearing activities are the best exercises to strengthen bones.

Fred-X sessions focus on functional fitness tailored to your physical health and medical history. Safety is paramount and so is achieving your fitness goals.

Functional Fitness Benefits:

  • Regular exercise has numerous physical benefits, from better heart health to stronger muscles.

  • It can also boost your mood and mental health.

  • Also, it will strengthen your bones while improving your balance to protect against slips or falls.

Strength Training Brings Smiles in the Mirror
Fred-X Helps You Lose Weight

Flexibility - You choose the place for custom sessions:

  • Fred-X gym

  • Your home or residence gym

  • Your office or condo gym

  • A public park in Atlanta area

  • Online via Zoom meeting

Help with Weight Management

Exercise supports keeping a healthy weight by burning calories and increasing your lean muscle mass, which improves your metabolic health. Your metabolic health refers to how your body processes the blood sugar and fat you consume for energy.

According to the CDC, combining exercise with a healthy diet jumpstarts healthy weight loss. And studies have found that combining aerobic exercise with strength training is the most effective approach to weight loss.

At Fred-X we believe:

"Adding exercise to your routine is one of the best things you can do for your health. Regular exercise not only helps you live longer, but it also improves the quality of your life.

Functional training is a progression of low impact, repetitive movements. The low impact exercises are easy on your joints & body helping to identify what your body is capable of and build on it."

The Mirror Reflects Results

Do you want to avoid injuries when you play Golf or Pickleball or play with your grandkids?

It is YOUR time to improve your confidence, your balance, your strength, and energy so that you enjoy a vibrant life.

With Fred-X training - enjoy life with less worry of injury: frolic with your grandkids, work on home/garden projects, fully embrace travel & adventures, and continue to play golf or pickleball or tennis or whatever you enjoy.

Invest in transforming you

If you take care of yourself - you can serve others and continue to enjoy your passions.

The Fred-X approach guarantees you will reach your fitness goals if you commit to the program.

Commitment Contracts are key to success at Fred-X:

Efficient Results with Fred-X